Exploring Senior Living and Services in Montgomery County, Texas

Are you searching for senior living and services in Montgomery County, Texas? You're in luck! The book festival in Montgomery County, Texas has a designated area for seniors of all ages. The Blue Book for Seniors is an excellent resource for those looking for more information about living and lifestyle options for older people. It provides a comprehensive list of housing, home health care, and service options. This book has been helping millions of seniors make sense of the confusing world of elderly care, resources, and services for almost 40 years.

MetroAccess is another great resource for seniors in Montgomery County. This service offers free transportation to Medicaid beneficiaries who meet certain evaluation criteria. It's available seven days a week at 301-562-5360 (voice) and 800-523-7009 (toll-free). People who have difficulty using standard phones are encouraged to use the Maryland Relay 711 when contacting organizations on the list. So if you're looking for senior living and services in Montgomery County, Texas, you now know where to start your search.

The Blue Book for Seniors and MetroAccess are both great resources that can help you find the information you need.

Meg Brasure
Meg Brasure

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