Can You Drink Alcohol at the Book Festival in Montgomery County, Texas?

Organizations that are hosting an event in good faith can apply for a special one-day Class C license to serve or sell alcoholic beverages. There is no statewide ban on drinking in public, but it is illegal in most districts, except for Main Street in Royal Oak. However, it is allowed to consume alcohol in public parks, public entertainment venues, and other areas of public property. Mississippi's alcohol laws were repealed in 1966, which was long after the rest of the country banned them in 1933. Although many states have prohibited drinking alcohol in public spaces across the country, there are some states that don't ban drinking in public in certain cities or select entertainment districts, such as the Las Vegas Strip.

This is especially true during the COVID pandemic as cities and states seek to recover money lost in entertainment and tourism. Nonprofit festival organizations that contract with a retail license holder (vendor) can apply for a festival license to serve or sell alcoholic beverages at their event. In New Orleans, only beverages in an open plastic container or plastic cup are allowed in public. As craft beverages become increasingly popular, people in many states and cities are working to change some of these laws on drinking alcohol. This could mean that more places will allow drinking alcohol in public spaces.

However, it is essential to check with local authorities before consuming any alcoholic beverages in public.

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