Are Security Personnel Available at the Montgomery County Book Festival in Texas?

Mary Beth Albright is a correspondent and editor for The Washington Post. Are you planning to attend the book festival in Montgomery County, Texas? If so, you may be wondering if there are security personnel available. You can find out by visiting the court calendar page, checking with the monitors in the North Tower lobby, or contacting the Assignment Office at 240-777-9000. It is important to have your name and case number handy when you call. Before the Civil War, slaves made up nearly half of all taxable property in the county, and their loss, along with the decline in property values, caused profound disruption for most planters.

The exact source of the name of the city of Montgomery is still uncertain, but it is likely that Shepperd and Moody named it after Montgomery County, Alabama. In 1850, there were 1,448 slaves in the county, and by 1860 their number had increased to 2,416 - almost half of the entire population. In Montgomery County, jurors can be summoned every 12 months UNLESS they are selected for a trial that lasts longer than 5 days. Visitors to the area can also enjoy shopping opportunities in Conroe, the annual county fair, and the Cajun Catfish Festival held in October. Later, oil was discovered in several other areas of the county, making it one of the richest oil-producing areas in the country. To serve as a juror in Montgomery County, you must be at least 18 years old, a citizen of the United States, a resident of Montgomery County, and able to communicate in English.

Mary Beth Albright is very excited to participate in this year's National Book Festival. She is passionate about literature that amplifies and highlights everything related to books, with a special interest in supporting authors of color through Instagram and now on TikTok. The Drug Court in Montgomery County is a collaborative partnership between the Circuit Court, law enforcement agencies, health treatment system, and program participants to end addiction-related crime. The county is bordered by Walker and San Jacinto Counties to the north; Liberty County to the east; Harris County to the south; and Waller and Grimes Counties to the west. If you want to know if you were adopted in Montgomery County, you must provide the year of adoption and your adoptive parents' names. Smoking or carrying any burning tobacco product is prohibited on any property owned or leased by Montgomery County. If a minor or person allegedly disabled is a resident of Montgomery County, their petition must be filed with the Circuit Court.

Mary Beth Albright is part of a title selection team for a nonprofit organization called First Book and runs book clubs for teens and adults through East City Bookshop. When she's not with her students or keeping books or reading a new mid-grade novel, you can find her in a state or national park.

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